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Erica Diaz is known for her versatile looks and various genres of hairstyling. At her clients request she can tap into fashion couture for the runway while being able to wow her brides with elegance. For over 10 years, Erica has been in the field with vast experiences in areas of runway and fashion, countless number of events and 100's of weddings in the tri-state area.


The skill of hairstyling was embedded in her since adolescence as a hobby, and has grown over the years to be second nature - a skill that has become a form of art. It is not only her passion but her job to ensure all her clients look their best!


At the age of 8, her most prized possession was her Barbie Mannequin Styling Head. It was a simple gift from her mother, but was the youthful beginnings of her talent. Erica works independently through freelance, but can adapt within a team format. She has an extensive network to bring in talented colleagues when necessary.


"It brings me joy to participate in the beautification process for my clients. I thrive on creating relationships while enhancing my network of services." Thank you for visiting! "

- E

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